meet the family

let me introduce you to some of the members of my apple family...

the 3rd generation white 20GB iPod is prostrate because it's basically just resting and hasn't been given the chance to play music for a few months now although it still is pretty much working. the battery life is not something to be excited about, but it still has some very important files stored in it. and it faithfully provided me some ample distraction during my long commutes beginning in late 2003 till summer of this year when i took on iAlman junior: my black 8GB iPod nano. i have less songs here, but it can keep chugging my tunes for a day. i take this with me on climbs: listen to it at the bus ride, play it full blast at the campsite, and still have enough power when i go home. i charge this 'pod only about twice a week and it's been amazing company during runs too (paired with my green sporty sennheisers).

but welcome the youngest of the three, though not necessarily the smallest in terms of features and functions. against my better judgment, i got myself an iPhone. this costs as much as my monthly salary in my previous job, but i took the plunge anyway. i was obsessed with this objet du désir from the very beginning, and regretted the fact that the rest of asia had to wait till as late as the second quarter of next year to get one, but when the opportunity (or the temptation, i should say) presented itself, i took the bait and had myself reeled in. thanks omar for your savvy but subtle marketing skills, i was totally sold. and while i'm getting close to insolvency, i don't regret it. i may not be able to eat as much as i want, but hey, i have this instrument which inspires a lot of envy in people. i haven't used it much in public, and i hesitate to, but my friends have all been wowed by the device.

so there are problems, and everyone who took an interest in this supposedly revolutionary device would have known by now that it doesn't record videos, doesn't have SMS forwarding, doesn't cut and paste, can't send and receive MMS, has very limited bluetooth features, doesn't even have a send-to-many function, and has many other things that i will discover in the future. but i don't really mind so much. this phone was made for the american market that's not really big on texting. besides, the other features more than make up for its shortcomings.

who needs 3G when you can surf real websites with wi-fi? can normal phones display google maps? can they play youtube? pretty soon, most of makati will have free wi-fi connections everywhere so what's the big letdown? yes, T3 had a poor review of the iPhone, but they're not what convinced me. it's the apple, really.

and i've been asked this a lot: does it actually work here? yes, it does. notice in the picture that i had just received a text message. on the upper left corner, the word SMART shows. locally, there are already hundreds of proud iPhone owners out there, and lots of them are geeks with a lot of extra cash. i really think apple will manage to sell 10 million units of this on its first year.

i love my iPhone. it's family.
You Apple whore. Haha. rhinitis.
GUSTO KO NYAAAAAAN!!!! Hahahaha. I bought myself an ipod touch for now. Antayin ko na lang muna yung Asian version. And yung money to buy one. Hehehe.

Magkano mo nakuha?

I'm replying from my iPhone. There's free wi-fi here at my hotel in Bacolod, hehe. Price isn't too far from that of the iPod touch. Not much sense to have both but if you're really interested I can email you privately, hehe.
iThink therefore iWhore; sana makalikot ko yung iPhone mo kapag magkita na tayo over Vodka! =)
kalikot it all you want.

everyone is saying i should be in sales because i market the iPhone like crazy! i'm a pretty good salesman really, and all i did was demonstrate the features of my iPhone to everyone. haha! 2 girls bought units because i was too effective an endorser. hay naku. can't wait for the vodka. we have so much to talk about. :D