minimal effort, great rewards

this was the general sentiment shared by my friends who all climbed mt. pulag for the first time. it was my fifth time to witness the sea of clouds and the dramatic sunrise, and to experience the cold evenings and mornings biting at the edges of your fingers. and i do not think that i shall ever grow tired of returning to mt. pulag, so long as it remains this beautiful, and so long as i am always fortunate to be blessed with good weather.

i should write a longer entry, but i'm still struggling to find more time. i think it's past due to have internet connection at the place i'm renting in makati.

1. sana ma-feature mo some other time ang tungkol sa r.o.x.

2. sana maka-gawa ka ng book about amci or your past adventures(ikaw lang kasi ang alam ko na may kakayahan na gumawa non.


glenn lao
Re: R.O.X.
hi glenn,

thank you so much for dropping by. meron pa pala nagbabasa ng blog ko other than myself, haha!

i have been to R.O.X. a few times already and i have positively drooled over many of the stuff that's on display. i wonder whether they'd allow me to take photos of the place.

regarding point number 2, i already have plans of compiling all my climbs and adventures, complete with photos. all i need now is a layout artist and maybe a sponsor who'll foot the bill for the printing costs. it'll be a limited edition book which i plan to give to all my friends (and fans, kung meron).

thanks again!