mac addict

i swear if steve jobs sold crap with the apple logo, i'd still probably buy it if i could afford it. in the last macworld, he didn't actually show crap, but he launched something which i don't need at all, but which i still want. here's the perfect gift for my birthday. presenting, the world's thinnest notebook computer, the macbook air:

now why the allusion to crap? well, because the iPhone has less-than-stellar functionality to match its incomparable features and looks. but the lack of functions notwithstanding, i am still drawn to it, and i couldn't be happier that i own one. and the macbook air, while ultra-light and ultra-thin, isn't supposed to be dieting on features. basically, steve just says, "oh, an optical drive isn't essential, and you can do without a firewire port, and with just one USB port." sounds suspicious right, especially because they're selling a specially-made external optical drive. of course, with the innovation of a remote CD, a separate mac or PC could take the place of an optical drive -- which emphasizes the point: it isn't unnecessary. again, it's a sacrifice to achieve the size. all in all, i still so want it, i already know what i'll be pinching centavos for. and i have a few months to save for it. haha. i love you/hate you steve.
iWhore, therefore iAm
haha. can't help it. the apple is just so tempting.
Re: iWhore, therefore iAm
hahaha it looks nice. very chic. very oh-so modern.

but i dont think it's the best piece for me. too thin for my use. i might end up sitting on it without even knowing it.

Oh, i bought me some mac... couldnt stand my resurrected laptop. can't wait for it to be delivered! woooohoooo! :)