je nes comprends pas

i've started my french lessons yesterday night. i biked to alliance francaise from my unit and parked my MTB in the basement. so far, so good. i can tell you a few things, like:

bonjour. comment ça va? je m'appele alman. et toi? j' habite à makati city et quezon city. je suis avocat. je suis philippin.

it's only the first day, so it does appear like i could've just picked these out of a french phrase book. hopefully, i can carry out short conversations in french by march. so far the class is ok. our instructor refuses to speak a word of english or filipino. i hope her strategy works.

i seem to be one of the older folks. but we have really young people (étudiants), including imports (thailandaise et coréenne). i enjoy language classes, and i regret not having pursued my spanish lessons. i'm in luck because the office is paying for the classes, so i don't mind, and i intend to keep taking french classes while i'm with the EU.

after being out of school for nearly 6 years now, i'm excited to study stuff again. i plan to take up cooking lessons in the next few weeks. my evenings are really boring most of the time, and i have got lots of free time. but i hope i still have time to devote to gym and running.

i'm buying a french-english dictionary later.
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n'est ce pas?

hahaha good for ya. planning to conquer the world? :)
well, not in the next few years, haha. let's take it one language at a time. french, brush up on spanish, and then maybe german. after that, chinese, japanese, and then the world! hahahahaha.
awwww... shucks! thanks. who's this please? or would you want me to ask that en francais?