last night i very happily discovered that the parking area between mcdonald's and greenbelt 1 has a bike rack. it possibly was there since some time ago, but it wasn't until i had my own 2 wheels that it became relevant to me. i was actually supposed to chain my bike to the railing somewhere until i realized it was there. now i have to find out whether landmark also has a rack so i can do my groceries there. although shopwise has a bike rack outside (uncovered, mind you), i am getting to be very disappointed with the selection there, as well as the prices. landmark trinoma's supermarket is very very impressive, but it's too far to bike (and taking the MRT isn't an option either since they don't allow many items). i'd like to be able to bring just a big bag and my bike to do my groceries and errands so i save a lot on taxi bills. i've managed to save a few pesos pedaling my way to alliance française and back (although, i don't think it's too long a walk, either). ahhh... discovering new things now that i've upgraded as a pedestrian.
I would love to have a bike in Manila and go places. Very healthy and very environment-friendly, but the thing is, you have to deal with the pollution, the crazy drivers and the dismal lack of parking space for our two-wheeled transport. Sigh.

tell me about it.

i try to avoid major thoroughfares. it's a good thing i have a very visual map of makati in my head so i can pass through sidestreets so i avoid many of these stupid drivers and the pollution that their cars make. i just bring around a chain and basically secure my bike to anything that's immovable. haha.
I wish I could do that. Sigh. It's just that it's to dangerous to use bikes in Manila. I thought it would really be cool to put your groceries on you bike basket. :)
Kasama ako sa mga 'stupid drivers'... hahaha! Something came up, will fill you in on more details next time; hopefully, this falls through already!
i can't imagine you being one of those inconsiderate drivers who push me against the sidewalks or totally disrespect my space. haha. a biker's space is a bit controversial, actually. am i a pedestrian who should be on the sidewalk, or closer to a motorcycle rider who should be on the street?

so what came up?