quo vadis, iPod nano?

i've had my iPod nano for close to a year now and it has been a most reliable companion in the long commutes that i used to endure when i still lived in quezon city. it replaced an equally trusty 3rd generation iPod which i had for close to 3 years before i decided to turn it into a nice white paperweight. beyond being just an instrument that provided me with my choice of music and none of the mediocrity pervading the airwaves when i am on a public carrier, my nano would survive for hours, even stretching a few days between charges, giving me an invisible divide from the other commuters with whom i shared precious little amount of space. with my ears plugged in, i managed to zone out of the din of the impatient drivers, the chatter of these stressed-out riders of the MRT, and while away hours waiting to get home.

but since september last year, i am increasingly beginning to notice that the iPod is being used less and less. my trek to the office lasts no more than 12 minutes including the wait for and the trip up the elevator. that's no more than 4 songs on average. and it doesn't help that i am unable to run as much as i would wish, since these days, i mostly use the iPod when i'm running, or when it's connected to my altec lansings at home or in the mountains. in fact, i'm beginning to leave it at home when i go to the office, since 10 or even 15 minutes of walking isn't close to the eternity i used to suffer.

oh iPod, is your relevance in my life becoming less apparent? i certainly hope not.