je parle francais

after 8 weeks of less-than-intensive french, i still can't speak this snotty language without flinching. i've willingly submitted myself to the embarrassment of striking up conversations with people who speak the language, and despite my confessions that i am not past module un, they pour sentences on me without regard for my level of fluency. we start module deux after holy week, and at the rate it is going, i still have to look forward to the end of the year to be able to carry out an acceptable exchange of francais. sigh. i'm a little impatient actually, but after missing 2 sessions when i out of the country, i had a problem with reading in french. i couldn't pronounce vous acceptez without laughing at myself. and i got the results of out test. i made 3 mistakes! tragedy. i thought i'd aced it... not! so our last day was revealing, because from about 18 students, we were down to about 12. had everyone else given up?
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French is elitist. - rhinitis :)