as the crow flies

by the end of this month, i would have traveled a total flight distance of over 15,200 miles, at least according to this website. this certainly has been the most frequent that i have been flying in the space of one year since i first boarded an airplane in july 1997, and imagine if all those had been with PAL... i would have raked in the miles. beginning from last year, here are my flight itineraries:

march 2007: manila-basco-manila
august 2007: clark-macau-clark
october 2007: manila-bacolod-manila
october 2007: manila-CDO-manila
november 2007: manila-singapore-manila
november 2007: manila-CDO-manila
december 2007: manila-davao-manila
january 2008: manila-bacolod
january 2008: iloilo-manila
february 2008: clark-kota kinabalu-clark
february 2008: manila-singapore
february 2008: KL-manila

and still to come:
march 2008: manila-dumaguete-manila
march 2008: manila-iloilo-manila
april 2008: manila-cotabato city-manila
april 2008: manila-CDO-manila
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Go Go Go!! We at Dumaguete next week, Iloilo the next. Let's go nah! I'll see you in CDO on April!! I'm scheduled to go there as well. =) - janz