poverty is a state of mind

when people hear me complaining about being instantly poor immediately after i purchased my D300, they laugh at me, dismissing my statement as a joke, not knowing how painfully true my situation is. if course, poor in this sense is relative, since i have not been forced to beg, although i've been left with no choice but to tighten my belt. little did i know that i would find salvation from this impoverished state inside a small can of ice cream. many months have passed since i've filled this can with coins that weigh down my pockets. i would take a few every now and then, but these past two weeks, the can actually allowed me to take public transportation, and provided me with the fuel to purchase nearly everything else i needed. i subsisted on the stocks that i've collected in my cupboards, and managed to save still for this holy week trip. in the last few months that i've lived in makati, i must've filled my small can with at least P600 of coins.

* * *

this blog has largely been an exercise in self-indulgence. i consider it as practice and also as therapy. regardless of whether it's actually read by others is of little consequence to me. but i'm a curious about the traffic my blog creates so i inserted a meter on my page and, well, i've so far gotten an average of 30 hits per day, including the holy week break when people actually spent time in front of the computer. i have no plans yet of becoming a professional blogger, or to earn money from my blog since i've always feared becoming a sell-out, but it's actually something i should look into.