woohoo! wi-fi!

here's a happy discovery: i found out that there is a very weak, albeit free and unsecured, wi-fi signal near my office window. it could not be detected if my mac were on my table, but at least it allows me to surf the net on my laptop rather than log so many pages on my work PC. haha. very unreliable, but it allows me, at the very least, to post messages to LJ such as this one. it's good that we don't have the same stringent rules as they do in singapore, otherwise, i'd be behind bars... but then i think that is a really stupid law to begin with. i really cannot wait for the business district to be completely wireless.
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tindera 1: "mare, 'langya naman ang stocks. ang bagal ng galaw".

tindera 2: (while shooing the flies away from her galunggong pile): "hay naku mare, wag mo na problemahin yan. pwede na kaya tayo magtinda galunggong online? talunin natin si Menggay, hanggang Paypal lang ang bruha. Gawin nating Mastercard, Visa and Amex yung atin"

if our tinderas' conversations would be like that, then I guess the end of the world is very near.
pasahero: manong, pakibaba mo nga ako sa road 5, project 6.

taxi driver: hindi ko po alam kung saan yun eh. bago lang ako.

pasahero: hindi ko rin sigurado eh. pano yan?

taxi driver: teka, log-on muna ako sa google earth ha. may hybrid map naman dito eh.

pasahero: sensya na manong ha kasi yung GPS-enabled phone ko nawala.

taxi driver: buti na lang may google earth.
speaking of, would you know if a GPS device would work in the Philippines?

hahaha. you know what, on somewhat an off note, i have this feeling that I may have entered a totally wrong profession. this profession seems to be like a vocation... much like priesthood hahahahaah
yes, GPS devices work here, and you can even download maps. i'm not into the sordid details of this geeky stuff but at least you know you can use one here. :D
but then, why would you even bother use a GPS device when you can just roll down your window and ask for directions.

... And we just have one highway system, so as long as you can read, you're good to go... hahahahaha