the jet set

my scheduled trip to cotabato city yesterday was canceled due to "security reasons", and this at least gives me some form of respite from having traveled by air in and out of manila for successive weeks. as i've said in an earlier entry, this last fiscal year, ending march 2008, has been my most mobile thus far, at least in so far as flying is concerned. but it does not help of course that you have to leave manila in an airport terminal beset with delays, lack of comfort, and a generally unfortunate vibe about it. last friday, there were not enough seats in the waiting area; the people standing in the picture below are not queuing to board. they have nowhere to rest their bottoms!

this is compounded by a less-than-stellar service provided by cebu pacific, who lets every juan fly, but in true budget fashion. and it doesn't help either that the fee is P200, and when you fly out, and about 70 minutes later, find that the airport of destination which charges only P30 (at least until middle of april) is as impressive as this:

are there actually plans to upgrade the domestic airport, so i can at least hold on to this fantasy, just as i do about a future world-class DMIA, or if the forces allow, the upcoming opening of T3? something has to be done with our gateways. the NAIA 2 is an impressive little terminal, but its predecessor is in such a sorry state i find it rather embarrassing! but will all these plans matter, or are they bound to end up like london's T5?
you know, i have this weird feeling that most people might be comfortable with the mediocrity we endure in our domestic airports. short of not having any functioning airport at all, we just have to get to do with the oversized bus station that is the Domestic Terminal.

honestly, if you'd ask me, I don't like the idea that the T2 was made solely for the operations of PAL and its sister company. From what I know, it was originally intended to be the new domestic airport. Moving the domestic flights to T2 would be definitely be a breath of fresh air for all passengers squeezed into that tiny domestic airports. I find it embarrassing to find an airport that small for a metropolis as big as Metro Manila. C'mon, I would understand if the airport was that small and Metro Manila is only as big as say, Basco, Batanes (though I've never been there, but I suppose, it's a lovely quaint town)

Regarding T3, well, they better fix the ceiling before any of them falls on unsuspecting passenger. I would love to see it open. T1 is definitely tired and needs some sprucing up. That terminal is frozen in the 80s interior. I don't think you can't demolish it, 'coz someone told me that it's one of the works of a national artist (Locsin) and you can't tear down their work. I wouldn't know if you could touch its interiors.

Worrying we'll end up like T5? I don't think so, We've got tons of muscle power to sort luggage. Sanay na tayo sa mano mano. Primitive as it may sound, they actually prove to be useful when technology fails us.

Better yet, they better build 2 more airports to service Metro Manila, just like Tokyo, NYC and other big cities. Place one in Bulacan and then the other one in Laguna or in Rizal. That would be cool. And oh, by the way, they should also extend the train service to the airports. Public transportation right now isn't accessible from NAIA.

i have a theory, if you don't mind me sharing it, that T3 isn't in bad a shape as they would have us believe. note that it is undergoing international commercial arbitration. if it was actually built properly and according to specifications, the contractor would probably win. but to make it appear that the airport is beset with all these construction failures, then it would show that in fact, the consortium that built it is not entitled to the compensation that it deserves. but goodness, i hope they open this terminal soon! it looks kind of dreary from the outside, but i've seen photos before of how it looked inside!

i remember my first flight out of the country. it was in 1997. i looked at NAIA 1, and i said, it ain't so bad. until i landed in singapore and looked at its T2. wow! and SG just late last year opened its own T3. i'd be just happy if we could turn DMIA in clark into a nice "aeropolis", with its own dedicated DMIA express (a la KLIA express) from somewhere in QC. haha. ang sarap mangarap ng magandang bukas.
Changi's T3 is the glass terminal? I guess I used T2--- the one with orchids in it.

You security has always been an issue. I don't know if it's a sacre imposed on us, but then, considering the insurgency in Southern Philippines and the sick fad known as extremism, an express airport would seem to be a security weakness. I would rather have the regular airports. :)

about NAIA's T3, yes, i do hope they open it up SOON. Every time i arrive from the states, i have this feeling that there are about 3 planes landing almost 5 minutes apart... and coming to the immigration area, there aren't just enough counters. Kahoy pa ang counters. yun lang. hassle and nakakaawa.

mangarap ng magandang bukas? bukas seems to be forever to me. there is a great need for us to be a rational society.