since i need to be up by 3am, i've decided not to sleep at all...

after having been shelved for a few weeks following two flat tires, i managed to get my bike out of the building once again when i ran an errand at glorietta to buy myself hair product and underwear. i managed to inflate the tires after i bought a hand pump the size of a big test tube! on my way home from glorietta, while thinking about what i would have for dinner (it was a toss up between mee goreng from malaysia, instant tom yum soup from thailand, or a gourmet tuyo sandwich), i suddenly had a longing for cyma, of all things. so i parked my bike near mcdonald's, proceeded to greenbelt 2 all sweaty and in slippers, and ordered a moussaka: the greek national dish.

i'm happy that these hunger pangs don't take place very often because they are, number 1, expensive, and number 2, not very healthy. that thick layer of bechamel sauce is really scary. i forgot, though, that the first time i had this dish, i shared it with someone. although i was very hungry, i couldn't finish the whole portion -- that should do for a quick breakfast prior to my flight later.

* * *

last sunday, i went to robinson's galleria to meet relatives who had just arrived from australia. after lunch at mangan and a haircut at fix with my cousin adham, who is in the country for a dental makeover, i decided to delay my trip back home and sneak into the indiesine theater (snaps to robinson's for supporting independent cinema -- the following review, which is hastily written, and not well-thought, does not speak a lot about my general view of independent films, only the specific experience of that sunday evening). they were showing "kadin" (the goat), which i've always wanted to see not only because it is set against one of my favorite places in the philippines: batanes, but also because i was in batanes while they were filming it last year. i had actually met the star, a young basco-based ivatan boy named rico, and we even toyed with the vakul they wore on the set. i knew maxie, the line producer, from UP, and he said they would shoot the film in about two weeks.

a photo i took of rico -- this would be his costume for about 90% of the film, which takes place in one day, and the morning after

screenshots taken with my iPhone

i wasn't particularly impressed by the movie. is indie the new excuse for haphazard editing, lousy sound, bad acting, and poor visual drama? i once said that batanes would look good in any angle. in this movie, it looked extremely plain. there were unnecessarily long shots, which to me was supposed to convey the great distances in batanes, and hint at the kind of life lived by the ivatans. but it was not very real. the distance between chavayan and centro is 8 kilometers. it is just not possible to walk one way, then back, then halfway, all in one afternoon.

i was really more concerned with the movie's sweeping vistas (poorly shot, i must say). i was reacquainted with places i loved to look at, places that seemed perfectly still, even while the sea caused alarm. i wonder if alix's "batanes" suffers from these same ills as well. i really have to get back on track with seeing movies again. my average has been sad: about 1 film every 2 months. disaster!