why i'd rather self-medicate

after some sleuthing on the internet, i found the video of the scandal that the medical profession brought upon itself. it involves the documentation by a nurse/doctor/student of the surgery performed on a man's rectum in order to extract a tall and slender can of what appeared to be a nivea for men deodorant spray. it is a scandal not so much because the can found itself into the man's rectum, but because of how the doctors and nurses and students treated the patient as well as the incident: with a lot of disrespect and callous behavior. they hooted, laughed, giggled, and applauded the operation, as though they'd been watching an extremely funny show. it had completely eroded my already tarnished regard of doctors and the medical profession.

if you may have noticed, i have previously expressed my disgust over hospitals and people in the medical field, much like my general view on lawyers. but unlike lawyers, i used to think that doctors and nurses actually play an important role in society other than just causing trouble. but what happened at the vicente sotto memorial medical center in cebu makes doctors far worse than many lawyers i know. when i was still practicing my profession, i came across very sensitive information, particularly when it involved family law issues between husband and wife. but whenever i encountered these delicate matters, they always made me extremely sad, and somehow convinced me that traditional law practice wasn't what i was meant to do. but i was appalled to see this video, particularly because my family has had to deal with doctors and hospitals on a regular basis. my mother had a hysterectomy when i was in high school. my brother had his appendix removed when i was in college. last year, my other brother had kidney stones removed, and less than a month ago, one of my sister-in-law's fallopian tubes had to be removed following an ectopic pregnancy. and the latest was when my dad had his cataracts removed.

i wonder whether some misguided nurse/doctor/intern were crass enough to giggle and laugh about my loved ones as they were discombobulated on the operating table, or worse, whether the actual surgeries were documented, not for medical or scientific reasons, but for the sake of a good laugh? sadly, the case is still under investigation. and given the talent of lawyers, it'll probably be a long, protracted investigation. the doctors and nurses involved in that scandal should have been immediately removed from the hospital, and their licenses revoked. i am sure that there are a lot more respectable doctors and nurses in cebu and elsewhere, as there are lawyers who aren't as despicable as many might think. but this video clouds the horizon with thick, black smoke.

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