trains and stations

i've had a few awful things to say about my MRT experience, and not having to endure the stress of riding it every morning is one of the best reasons to live in makati despite the fat rent. in general though, i like riding trains. i remember reading somewhere that the quality of a nation's train service was an indication of its degree of civilization. or something to that general effect. with the sorry state that the PNR is in, what does that say about us? anyway, i wonder why those stupid guards at our MRT/LRT don't allow photography at the train stations. they're so stupid. ask them why it isn't allowed, and they'd probably just say, eh kasi bawal po. trains are tourist attractions and anyone can and should be allowed to take photos of them. and here are some of them:

at the recto terminal station of the LRT ube line

outside KL sentral

the KL monorail

the sentosa monorail

the singapore mass rapid transit

at the city hall station of the singapore MRT

inside a coach of hong kong's mass transit railway

outside the HK MTR disney line

at the shaw boulevard station of the MRT metrostar

inside the KL express
taking pictures.
i think we don't have the right to say that those guards are stupid. sorry for that. i do believe they are just following the instruction of their stupid management who are to shy to show to the world how low tech we are when it comes to this kind of technology.
Re: taking pictures.
thank you for sharing your opinion, and i have to admit that it may have been a very hasty thing to say: the guards aren't completely stupid, but the policy not to allow pictures to be taken of the train station is patently brainless. but unfortunately, guards perpetrate this stupidity and that makes them stupid as well. i have had many encounters with guards who say such stupid things, it's hard to draw the line between the stupid rule, and the person himself being stupid. in the building where i work, you're not allowed to take pictures if you're inside the lobby or right outside. but you can easily cross the street and your view would be better and no one's there to tell you not to take pictures. also, while you can't photograph inside using a conspicuous DSLR, you can very well do the same with a P&S or even a camphone. if it's security they're concerned about, then that's really stupid! anyway, not just guards, but anyone who is unable to think critically about things become the stupid things they say. don't let me start about what just happened earlier at SMX! hay!