something is up with the weather

there are disoriented raindrops outside my window, darting up from below, while the wind is sending sheets of wet clouds horizontally. rain moves in different speeds, that in some cases, it almost looks like smoke. there are a few wet streaks on my window, which reminds me of jose joya's abstract painting at the UP CBA. i think it was called karate chop, or something to that effect. this is the first time i have seen anything like this. my usually clear view of the horizon is obscured, and i can see no farther than the PBCom building. i'm not sure whether i should be alarmed.


and as menacing as it may have been, the rain is gone, and the sky has cleared. i can see till infinity again. the skies are dark, but at least, down below, the cars aren't swimming in floodwaters.