humanap ka ng pangit at ibigin mong tunay

there is no celebrity too small, or too big for my level of jologation. if i see you, and i happen to have a respectable camera with me, which means, no phone-mounted cameras, i will call you with your first name like we've known each other since adam, and say, hey celebrity, can we have a picture taken? and i expect nothing less than sure. you could have appeared on some forgettable commercial, or even had less than 15 minutes of fame, but i will remember you. so don't be shy about your long-gone fame, because if you don't appear to be too busy, i will certainly come up to you with my camera, and you'll be included in a growing list that already has fidel ramos, margie moran, rustom padilla, jericho rosales, dingdong dantes and karylle, marc nelson and john hall, andrew wolfe, sunshine dizon, paolo ballesteros and gwen garci, etc. i'm not completely done with updating my tags just yet, but you can click on this for a preliminary list of sightings.

so watch out celebrities, the jolog is on the prowl. with his expensive camera, no less.

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I've always thought that the word "jologs" is a noun which is singular but is plural in form, like species and politics. Or am I wrong?

Paolo Bediones came to my workplace a couple of days ago. Sadly, I was equipped with just my camera phone.
hmmm... i didn't write the lexical entry of jologs, and i can't quite say with certainty that one currently exists, even in theory, but i would say that with its present usage, it would seem that both jolog and jologs are acceptable, and that it may either be a noun or an adjective.

however, if i should think about it, i'd say that in reference to a specific person, the noun sounds better as jolog. i.e., "may isang jolog na naglalakad sa mall kanina." but as an adjective, or in reference to many of them, i'd use jologs, i.e., "you know that person knows all about artistas. he's so jologs." or "andami nga namang jologs dito sa ever!"
Hahaha, go friend! As for me, i had this opportunity once to actually have my picture taken with Elizabeth ramsey (Jaya's infamous Mo), but i chickened out. Now i'm kicking myself for not doing it. Kaya go lang friend!
Re: Paparazsssssssssst.
friend, ikaw ang nasa advertising industry, you must encounter celebs on a daily basis! haha.