major changes

i received an email from my good friend dindo late last night asking about what i've written on the spanish trail. he wanted to join the climb and was keen on knowing whether it was going to be a challenge for his lately sedentary life. he said he wasn't sure how he would search for the entries on my blog.

truth is, i've been putting this off for a while now. i have actually been wanting to change the layout of my blog, but never really found the time to do it. besides, i knew very little about HTML or CSS or whatever it is that's necessary to design a page according to my precise idea, but i owe it to dindo, and to others like him, who use my blog not just as a place to kill time, to while away boredom, to find out the latest gossip, to look into the glass cage that is my life, but also to find information. i am, as miraclecello says, part of the peripatetic lot, and i am perhaps the best "chronicler" in the business. miraclecello's words, not mine.

so as a service to my readers, and since for the past two weeks i've been editing my entries to place tags, i've changed the site and made it more navigable. on the lower left side of the page you'll find tags. i'm not even finished with a third of my 450 plus entries, but it is a good start. i've had to upgrade my account with LJ though, and that basically constitutes the major change: USD 19.95 for every 12 months doesn't seem so bad, if you're earning off your blog. but i'm not. i'm actually ads free, and i prefer it that way. many "pro bloggers" are nothing more but illiterate masters of the fine art of googling.

i can't say though that i'm not headed that direction, as i have some plans to somehow pursue a profitable enterprise as an offshoot of this blog, but random ruminations will remain as it has been from the very beginning.

of course, nothing i've said in this entry makes sense or will be evident on my multiply mirror site, so for those of you reading me over at that site, jump on over to my LJ to see what i'm talking about.

the changes are actually temporary, and there will be less-than-slight upheavals in the next few days until i find the layout that i've always wanted. if you're a genius in web design and would like to volunteer your services for, say, an entry, let me know. in the meantime, i hope none of you feels lost or put off by this major change.
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"Best chronicler," hitad, cf. Magellan's chronicler Pigafetta. "Documenter" is so "other-school" ha ha.

That would be "documentarist/documentalist".
ay oo nga. haha. documentor/documenter doesn't even appear in the dictionary. so i'm pretty sure you wouldn't have used it. there. i've edited it already.
mmm... I think there are lots of them. It depends also on the operation system of your computer. The very basic soft is Microsoft Frontpage. Yet there are lots of others.
Plus of such soft is that you use usual Office-style tools - when, e.g., you do not need to write the code of colors, but just use your mouse and color scheme. and then you easily look at the result.
Minus is that such editors implement a lot of their own automatic useless code. But you need something like good-looking page? You can do it anyway with them.

Tell me about mountains. Where have you been?
i'm a mac user, so my OS is the tiger. looking to upgrade to leopard soon. what program can i use that i can just upload to my LJ? and how would that affect all my previous posts? it's so hard to just even think about it... but thanks a lot. i know you're pointing me to the right direction.

about mountains, i've been to over 60 climbs since 2003. you'll find many of them on this blog, and some tags are already available. the last mountain i climbed was mount pulag. it was my 6th up that mountain.
Mmmm. I use Vista and Linux Ubuntu 8.04....hmmm...
there are anyway two types of professional html editors:
those where you have to write entire code. They beging from usual Notepad editors like in Windows and advanced Notepads like N++ (with highlighting of syntaxis).
and What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get - like I described above. The principles are described there: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/What_you_see_is_what_you_get

As for soft - try some online editing tools: for example type "online html editor" in google.

as for mountains - what were the most dangerous situations?

also - I'ld like to add you...

I love mountains!

the most dangerous? click on mount halcon and kalinga. those were instances when i actually feared for my life. the emotions in those entries are more riveting now than i can remember them.

thanks a lot for the tips. i'll look these up and look for these programs in the black market, hehe.

i'll add you as well, thanks. :D
will click it, thanks.
as for soft - you will find a lot of legal things in open source world, but I am not familiar with Macs. As I remember there is a proverb that such computers came from another planet:)
Hope to see your comments at my own blog:)