i'm going pro!

140 unique hits, and the day isn't even over yet! i think just because i now have a paid account, LJ is pimping my site, and strangers are accidentally finding me. haha. hey, but this is interesting. this could be the start of something big!
meeeh loves your blog. :) hehehe. :) maybe other find it interesting tooo. :)
meeeh loves your blog. :) hehehe. :) maybe others find it interesting tooo. :)
thanks. if you think others would find it interesting, then tell your friends too! :D
pwedeng pagkakitaan ang pagiging web idol. hehehe :) kumikitang kabuhayan! :p
yeah i know. i think i'm headed that direction. thanks for dropping by. so you're going to UP law. that's cool. but it would have been cooler if you were part of the B block. :D