Alman Dave Quiboquibo (ialman) wrote,
Alman Dave Quiboquibo

you want me to fax you?

dennis has been asking me a favor for the longest time, and i don't know why he insisted that i write his excuse letter, when johnbee could have just as effectively prepared one. i've never had to struggle so long for a one page letter asking that a guy be allowed to climb a mountain. i was feeling a little giddy this morning while i wrote the letter (some after effects of the beer, i suppose), and when i finally finished it, i had to spend more than two hours trying to figure out how to send fax from my iBook. i had to read the manual, search the internet, browse help, etc. i'm usually pretty adept at technology and would figure things out rather easily but this one didn't require a lot of brains, so the surplus of gray matter worked against me. it turns out that it's a really easy procedure. yehey. may natutunan na naman ako!
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Tags: apple, ibook, macintosh, technology
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