belated mother's day

yesterday, i took my parents out to lunch. my dad had a check-up with his doctor following his eye surgery, and i invited them to go to makati because i haven't seen them for nearly 2 weeks. so my dad's left eye is almost good as new, and he gets dizzy wearing his old glasses since at least one eye is already 20/20. his other eye will also go under the knife in the coming weeks. for lunch, i decided to take them to new bombay at the columns, across RCBC. i wasn't sure whether either of them would appreciate indian food, but i wanted them to taste something different. my mom is a very good cook, but she's not much of a connoisseur of anything that's not filipino.

anyway, we wolfed down plates of chapati, pratha, masala, and tandoori. after that, i invited them to see my place. i've been living away from home since september, but they have no idea where i live. it usually takes me under 6 minutes to walk from the corner of buendia and malugay to the corner of ayala and buendia, but with my mom's rheumatism, it took us more than double that. haha.

finally, when i opened my door to my studio unit, my mom said it didn't depart from my room at home: it was small and in complete disarray! my mom said she'll go back one of these days with one of our kasambahays to clean the place. i really should get a shelf or something. but my room at home is in perpetual chaos because i have no sense of order, and i'm perfectly at ease with all the clutter. sometimes, when my mom would supervise a clean-up of my room, i'd end up grumbling because i'm suddenly disoriented and i couldn't find anything. also, they used to assume that things that are on the floor are supposed to be thrown away. but no, they're on the floor for a reason.

so i left them to take a nap at my place while i returned to the office. when i got back home after work, they'd done something: cleaned my place! there was suddenly more space, my sink was cleared of soiled dishes, my shoes were put on one corner, and a lot of my stuff was organized. my mom called me today and said: you don't even have a proper rug or a broom! she's bugging me about changing my curtain, scrubbing my toilet, and waxing my floor. haha. i love my mom, she deserves that essay i've long wanted to write.