pyromaniac, part 2

whose bright idea was it anyway to go the pyrolympics at the esplanade behind the SM mall of asia last saturday? the show itself was fantastic, a pyromaniac's dream no doubt. la mancha's show was excellent, and although i didn't get a chance to see the entries of the other countries, it looked every bit world class. but i think all the nation's pedestrians came in droves to MOA that fateful saturday and getting to and away from the seaside mall was a complete nightmare! also, although i already have a cable release and a really nice tripod, my vantage point wasn't too good. many of my pictures have smoke. the wind was also unkind. my D300 was set to bulb, i just clicked away, although i think there's a significant delay from when i click and when the shutter reacts. anyway, i should have gotten myself perched on MOA's roof! but it was as good a visual treat as any. just the other day, there were fireworks over makati's city hall, which i could see from my unit's window. it was also pretty good, and the explosions were spaced far apart, which would have made for good fireworks photography.