jologation: the amazing race asia edition

here are some photos with two guys whose bald heads were prominently featured on AXN. the first is with ernie lopez, one half of the TNF-sponsored team that first got the boot in the first season of ARA. the second is of course with rovilson fernandez, marc nelson's teammate in the second ARA, and who needs a refresher course on geography and flags. of course we all know that they made it all the way to the finals but lost to more clever singaporeans. mind you, i have never seen an episode of either ARA seasons because i don't have TV and even when i did, we don't have cable, but like i said, a celebrity is a celebrity is a celebrity. so there. and gosh, could i even be more social climbing than making small talk with ernie, asking him: do you have an injury? and is it from wakeboarding? yeah, i've actually gone wakeboarding with you at CWC. you even game me tips. haha.