Alman Dave Quiboquibo (ialman) wrote,
Alman Dave Quiboquibo

life imitates art

last saturday, after i treated my parents to a pre-father's day grocery bash at landmark trinoma (my mom suddenly went on a shopping binge, dumping stuff into our cart as though a crisis was about to take place -- but even in her state of panic, my mom took it slow, taking her time... actually, it was just the arthritis), i ditched all other plans and decided to drop by jason moss's exhibit at the boston gallery in new manila. i've only visited one of his previous exhibits (the 17th), and missed his debut about a month back, so i made sure to show up at this one. i was supposed to stitch a composite of the photos i took of his paintings, but decided against it because i know that LJ has rules on nudity. so there's a clue: the paintings are of nude men, including jason himself (i correctly guessed how he did his self-portrait), jonathan, jason's dad, and wilford, jason's best friend. if you're interested in jason's art, one of these paintings will set you back by as many as 92 thousand big ones.

i already own a few of jason moss's works, including 2 shirts with his illustrations (signed, no less). so should i encounter some financial difficulties in the future, at least i know i can sell these these and possibly make a killing. haha.

jason talking to visitors of his exhibit, explaining the artistic process | jonathan, who inspired this particular painting, covers his/the painting's private parts
Tags: art, artists: painters, jason moss, nudity
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