spotted at baler, aurora

please welcome drinky bottled water's newest endorser for its star series. tadaah!

there can only be 2 explanations for this bottled water's label. one could be that angel locsin's star is really fading that she deigned to accept something as debasing as this, or that this is a case of copyright infringement (or some other IP code violation). i hope it's the latter, because i shudder to think that angel's move to the kapamilya network began the death of her career! anyway, the bottled water is rather dubious, referring to the shape of the bottle as an artwork, and that it is a collectible. yeah right.
uhm, i've never seen this product before...

Do the manufacturers of this drink actually refer to the bottle as artwork? My goodness, only the gullible will fall for that marketing ploy. Have you noticed? the font they used to write Star-something with is one of 'em generic fonts.

I think, we share the observations with regard to Angel's career (and so do most of my friends). Well, I must say, the shape of the bottle is so.... gay! hahahahaha

haha. if you'd seen the label, it was really funny. collectible artwork ka dyan. designed daw by some artist. haha. and have you seen angel's F&H billboard along EDSA guadalupe? channeling some beyoncé vibe. flop. and desperate-looking. haha.