your car won't start? hand me a spoon

any kid of the 80s who had little distraction save for patintero and television would doubtless be familiar with, among other things, saturday fun machine, ALF, and macgyver. macgyver, as we all know, was the genius -- a living swiss army knife -- who could do anything. and i mean anything. i idolized him, mainly because i'm very very useless around anything mechanical. despite all my intelligence, i had no gift for taking things apart and putting them back together. i couldn't fix anything, and rarely dared try.

so when my bike was sidelined by a flat tire which wasn't solved by a handheld pump, i was left with no choice but to bring the wheel to a bike shop, where possibly the interior would be replaced. but before that i had another problem: how do you even remove the wheel? i've encountered this problem before when we were in bataan, but all i did was give my bike to rendo and dyake and they were both more than excited to work on it. i would rather read a book than get my hands dirty. that's what mechanics are for!

however, frustrated that i've been spending more for taxis even for short trips, consuming expensive fuel, and contributing to pollution this past month, i decided to put things into my own hands and give it a try. i had a spare interior under my bed and figured: how hard could it be? i unscrewed by front wheel, lost a spring in the process, and proceeded to remove the tire to replace the interior. at first i thought i could just yank it out but it was harder than i thought. i was looking for something like a spatula to help me remove the tire. of course the knife wasn't an option, and my wooden bookmarks would break even under just a little pressure. i finally found the solution in a bottle opener.

i successfully pried out my tire, and inserted the interior. i was hoping to just reverse the process. it was not that easy and i hurt my fingers. but after trying harder and not giving up, the interior found itself inside the tire, and i was pumping air into it! i managed to find the missing spring under my bed, and returned the wheel into the bike. now all that's left to do is to actually try it out and see if i don't get into a major accident. haha. i feel so accomplished. what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.


i just took my bike for a short ride to alliance francaise and back. didn't have any problems with the flat tire. had no accident. i'm amazed that i managed to fix it on my own. haha.
The front wheel usually comes off the fork with a simple twist of the lever. But why do you need to remove the wheel if it's a plain puncture? Go read your tyre patch manual Alman ha ha
i actually figured out that the wheel can be removed by twisting a lever... i didn't even have to unscrew it all the way. and i think the first interior had a puncture somewhere so i had to replace it, and to take it out, i also had to remove the tire. anyway, all this just took me about 30 minutes. i would patch the interior if i had the proper tools and if i knew where the puncture was located. haha. i'm just useless when it comes to these things. the girls of amcitoda are probably more knowledgeable than me. :D