i passed the diagnostic run!

i didn't suffer as much as i expected to today, and i finished twenty rounds without having to make a full stop. edgar noticed that i ran with great difficulty, and probably greater pain. two hours before we began, i took 2 tablets of ibuprofen, and smothered my knees with katinko ointment. neither helped to any appreciable degree and i had to pace myself every now and then. i'd slow down until the pain went away, and pick up speed when i felt a little stronger. i really have to get my knees checked soon, except that i think all doctors are such quacks. i hate it when they tell me things which i already know. well, i've done 22 rounds in the past, and i suppose that made the diagnostic run more predictable.

early today, i lugged my humongous tent around, from crame to robinson's galleria, to the mrt, and to the fort. rolly and i passed by market! market!, where everything has to be said twice, everything has to be said twice. it's still a pretty boring mall now, and much to my dismay, i found that the crowd was no more proletariat than the one you find at any SM supermall. where are the petty bourgeois? now they're my kind of crowd. yeah, and mass murder is in the agenda.

benjie paras and bearwin meily were there shooting for naks! and as rolly and i were on our way out, i noticed something: market! market!'s color scheme is exactly the same as mine, exactly the same as mine. earth tones and all that.