welcome, readers

i don't understand why, but my hits counter acted like crazy last week, and i had as many as 165 unique visitors in a day (with at least 350 page loads). i'm not really quite aware of my readers' demographics, but recently, i received an email from a spanish national asking for information. he naturally found me through my blog. anyway, i'd just like to give a warm welcome to the strangers who've somehow found my blog (they're apart from my usual visitors from the philippines -- of course -- australia, singapore, the united kingdom, slovenia, the USA, canada, the UAE, qatar, hong kong, japan, etc.) . i hope you've discovered something useful here. in particular, i'd like to give a shoutout to the following places:

welcome hawaii!
welcome italy!
welcome vietnam!
welcome india!
welcome fiji!
welcome the dominican republic!
welcome the cayman islands!
welcome bahrain!

if you weren't mentioned, let me know!
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