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my friend glenn complained profusely about my refusal to add him as a friend on facebook. i have to confess that although i was hooked on warbook -- one of facebook's game applications -- for a time, i very quickly grew tired of it. it rarely serves a purpose now, although recently, i used it a few times to send a message to my friend who purchased some stuff from REI in the US on my behalf. so when i opened my facebook to add glenn, i realized that i had close to 30 friend invitations. i added most of them, not all, because i've never believed in creating this imagined kingdom of friends who are in fact strangers. the same may be said of my friendster account. i only checked it again today to look for a certain person whose wallet i found in a cab. i was eager to return it to her, but aside from a postal ID and a prayer booklet, there was no indication of how i could possibly get in touch with her. and she doesn't seem to have a friendster account either.

i am thinking about deleting my facebook and friendster accounts, actually, because they serve no purpose for me. if anyone wants to find me, they can google me, and they'll be taken to my blog. i'm not anonymous online. but a few months back, i changed my facebook's main language. it's now almost completely in french. my lessons are progressing, although it'll probably take me another year to be even remotely capable of compound sentences. it is very hard to learn a foreign language when there is very little opportunity to use it. so it amazes me no end that i actually understood the updates that facebook provided me. such as "alman et glenn sont maintenant amis." i've been surrounding myself with anything french, from making small requests to my colleagues (who are also studying the language), and to answering calls from my camarades de classe completely in the language. lately, i've began a project at my unit. i've placed post-its on appliances, furniture, bric-a-brac, with their translations in french, as well as the gender, so i would properly say le ventilateur rather than la ventilateur, which is wrong. the gender of nouns in spanish is so much easier to understand and remember. with french, there's no rule. instead, i memorize. it would have been helpful if all french nouns started with a vowel, like l'ordinateur.

and i need to get a massage. haven't had a proper one in a very long time.
Tags: facebook, french, friendster, random update, social networking
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