Alman Dave Quiboquibo (ialman) wrote,
Alman Dave Quiboquibo

going green

i paid a courtesy call to my future boss at the DENR this morning. i arrived a little after 830am, and i lingered at the personnel department for a while. the head of the department is a man probably in his mid-40s. he spoke really good english, better than the assistant secretary for legal. both of them were pretty excited about my joining the department, because they wanted to infuse fresh and young blood into the pool. they're expecting me to start working on the 3rd of november. i would've only just arrived from halcon then. i'm still a little apprehensive about joining DENR, primarily because of the really low pay, but i'm pretty excited about the kind of work and the many opportunities that this might open.

i finished my business at DENR by 10am. i decided to go home to change into less constricting clothes. i was already far too overdressed in my turquoise barong. but i was quickly back in philcoa to meet rolly. i prepared a document for him, and i botched the dates. i was a mobile notary, lugging along my heavy dry seal (that thing could kill a man), stamp, etc.

after doing that, i proceeded to makati to work out. my absence there has left people longing for my usually noisy presence. but i began growing tired of the same observations people were making about my current state of fitness. i'm on drugs, okay! stop asking me why i've lost so much weight! i can't explain it either. i mean, all of us at sierra run the same number of rounds, but i've lost more pounds than all the other trainees put together! i turned one of the seats around and slept for about an hour. i started lifting weights at past 4pm.

the gym has always been an interesting place to watch how people deal with their insecurities. i look around, and i'd like to tell some of these guys, look, what's the point? you're not going to get laid even if you shed off all those pounds. i suggest you just buy yourself a fresh epidermis. or maybe i'd say, no one has lost more weight exercising her mouth than you have. and maybe i'd tell more of these guys, if you've been paying an instructor to train you, you had better get a refund. the gym now is more of a singles bar/café than a place for serious physical training.

later, i decided to join dennis's make-up night trek to maculot. and johnbee's asked me to accompany him in buying a new tent. i hope we get a discount. i might just get myself a jacket as well.
Tags: denr, fitness, gym culture
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