project runway philippines

in a heartbeat, i accepted aaron's belated invitation to attend the official launch of ETC's project runway philippines. it was my first time to go to warehouse 135, although it's only an 8-minute walk from where i stay. i've heard of rumors about PR philippines, and i dreaded the idea that ruffa would be its host. then i saw some teasers on TV (in the gym, no less), featuring a host who was unfamiliar in a way, but very refreshing. anyone but ruffa. look at what she did with PNTM!

beautiful people: brent, apples, teresa

so i don't know teresa herrera, until PRP came along, but she is gorgeous, and even more beautiful in person. when i saw her at warehouse, i immediately approached her and said, "i saw the teasers for project runway philippines and i'm pretty excited. you are the perfect host for it." she said thank you and asked if i had a multiply account. she told me to add her, and i will! haha.

of course we were shown a sneak preview of the PRP tv spot and trailer and i have to say that it looked mighty impressive. it looked like the original, and it seemed like they didn't scrimp on production. ETC should bring in more reality tv franchises.

12 of the 14 aspirants: for PRP? or next top model?

what's interesting is that the shoot for PRP took place some months ago, and with the theoretical pace, it should have been over by now (or almost over, with the final 3 or 4 preparing for the final runway show). but all the designers and even the show's production staff gave contradicting statements. the outcome is going to be kept secret. which is fine. but inside info is always great. i really just am interested to know where they stayed, and where they shopped for cloth: kamuning, or divisoria? haha.

two of the designers

of course, the designers, whose average age must have been no higher than 27, were all fresh and new. or maybe i'm just not in circulation. i didn't know any of them, and i'm glad that at least on the trailer, they use tagalog. during the interview, the english made my ears hurt.

during the event, people mistook me for the official photographer. i didn't really quite mind that complete strangers asked me to take their photos, hoping perhaps that their faces would show on some society magazine. but i'm sorry to say that they won't be featured anywhere save this blog, and will be seen by my steady stream of 90 unique readers daily. hehe. i think this is the girl who SMSd me earlier today. i was floating on a lot of margarita, and gave out my card to people who asked for it. imagine their surprise to find that instead of photographer, they found the title atty. haha. i love it. i hope jay-p (aaron's friend) makes good on his promise to give me more of these rakets. i love it!
Alman the man..always around good looking girls hehe
I see u was active..while I was on sailing vacation..I'll post some pics soon..ingatz

alman the man. that's me. how'd you know about that? haha.

hey andri, tell us all about your sailing vacation. no wonder you've been missing lately. hope to see you soon! ingat!
Anyone but ruffa? ruffa would never even accept the job because unknown to you...she turned down project runway 2 years ago! ruffa is an excellent host and if you dont feel that way than go take a hike! no one needs your opinion anyway loser!!!! ruffa has the buzz and is watched all over the world! so stop being jealous silly piece of shiT!!!
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i see i struck a nerve there. well, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, as you are.