in the news, vicariously

helen has been brewing up quite a storm in northern parts of luzon and it has also affected parts of manila. which explains why my suunto core black yellow has been giving me these alarms, indicating that there has been a massive drop in air pressure, hinting at souring weather. so the suunto core is a really cool device, although i'm afraid that it'll go off in a theater and disturb other patrons. i still haven't figured out completely how it works, but i'm loving it already. also, although it has been raining consistently since summer, i actually only really felt the onset of the rainy season this morning. it was the first time i went out of my building to see a wet makati, walking to the office with a jacket and an umbrella. i actually kind of liked it.

in other news, yesterday, i heard a series of gunshots being fired. it felt really near, and i had to look out the window to see if anyone below was in a mad scramble for cover. i wasn't sure if i was the only one who noticed, or whether i had just confused gun shots with a pneumatic drill, but apparently, road rage did take place yesterday. and the cops surprisingly acted fast on this.

also this morning while i was preparing for work, i heard sirens again. i didn't know until i checked online news that it took place in posh bel-air.