paradise for beer drinkers

gordon's. chimay. kwak.

these don't exactly sound like the most expensive things on earth, but in this side of the globe, these probably are the most expensive beers there are. now i am not a connoisseur of beers, but i've always been curious about how imported beer tastes like. i've tried a few in thailand, malaysia, and singapore, but was utterly convinced that our more-than-a-century old san miguel brew is infinitely better than singha and tiger. foster's, which is australian, i like a lot, but the china version of the SML, which curiously is bottled in a clear version of our pale, has this distinctly filtered flavor which i don't like. and outside of heinekken, i wasn't really very aware of european beers. and my limited knowledge of beers induces me to think that germany must have some of the world's best beers.

but there aren't anything german in this place called beers paradise, a hop from the p. burgos red light district, right along polaris street, near jupiter. i sampled only two bottles, preferring the sweet variety over the ales, lagers, pilsens, and fruity flavored ones. it was pretty good, which now makes me think that our selection is completely limited and incomplete. while i am able to tell the difference between SML, SM pale pilsen, red horse and SM strong ice, the differences are not unlike looking at different shades of the same color. we're not even talking about a rainbow.

so although my first experience at beers paradise was "enlightening", i doubt whether it would be repeated. the prices of the beers are ridiculous. but then again, i recall saying that one bottle of beer outside of the philippines is nearly equivalent to more than 2 buckets locally, so why am i complaining? if i should ever develop a longing for things european, belgian, in particular, at least i can rest in the knowledge that i need not a flight to europe. i could just walk (yes, it's that near my house) to beers paradise, choose from close to a hundred varieties, depending on my mood and my particular disposition, and have one really really strong beer, no matter if it's upwards of three hundred pesos a bottle. the unique glasses are worth the trouble.

san miguel probably isn't the best beer in the world. but it certainly is the best buy, ounce per ounce.

of course, this visit wouldn't have been possible without the support of everyone's benefactor. happy advanced birthday!
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Alman! Belgian beer is the best in the world! I am always at risk saying that in this country but it's the truth! Haha.

P.S. I didn't know they served Kwak in Beers Paradise. Good choice!
so many beers... so little money. haha. belgian beers are the best. haven't decided yet which one i like best. must find another benefactor to bring me to beers paradise! :D