Alman Dave Quiboquibo (ialman) wrote,
Alman Dave Quiboquibo

lazy but not idle: refusing to be the devil's playground

i had a very lazy weekend, and divided my time between reading and visiting the gym. i finally finished mcewan's "on chesil beach" and vonnegut's "bagombo snuff box". now i'm a bit eager to get my next vonnegut short story collection. his style really isn't much to my liking, but i'm particularly interested in his explorations of working class and suburban america, particularly the surprises in his stories. nonetheless, i most appreciated vonnegut when he stepped out of his familiar world of a small town band master and real-life blue collar concerns and weaved tales of a 21st century where a cure to aging had been discovered and the world's population was regulated at 40 million. 2BR02B, the 0 pronounced "naught", was positively disturbing and is my favorite. mcewan's short novel, on the other hand, is much more my style, and his predilection for in-depth descriptions and experiments with the limitations of language appealed to me. he is like a western garcía márquez, in that he has these lengthy explanations and non-linear story telling, plus, he isn't confident about his own characters' dialogues, that he would rather write about what's been talked about, the little nuances of their eyes, the quiver of their lips, and the inner workings of their bodies. now i'm inclined to think that writers who let their characters speak too much are either lacking in deft or talent. anyway, that's just my opinion.

so why did i spend this nice weekend just at home? well, saturday noon, someone was at my unit to install my new aircon. i had complained to my landlord about 5 weeks ago regarding the busted aircon which conked out about 3 weeks earlier. so i've endured the worst heat of summer without a working aircon, and only a very weak fan. it's really funny how one side of my body facing the window where the sunrise makes a direct hit would be sweating, and the other side facing the fan would be fine. anyway, i'm not such a big fan of airconditioning, and would only turn it on when the heat was unbearable -- besides, since i moved in september 2007, my electric bill has averaged only about P400 a month (a high of about P1,300, and a low of P170). so it's been a long overdue installation, but at least i didn't have to cough up P17,000 for the new unit. i didn't know it was such a complicated thing to install an aircon. i thought you just sort of inserted it into a hollow area on the wall!

so, inspired by an imaginary love, i spent the weekend cooking for myself, reading, writing, mopping my floor, cleaning up. maybe, if i keep this up, i can actually have guests over again. my house isn't so embarrassingly disorganized anymore, and i'm constantly cleaning things up. i need to save up for something big so i've been making these calculations in my mind, and trying to find ways to reduce my financial exposures. eating out less is just one thing, but realizing that small expenses always always add up to a whole lot is something i should carve to my head. also this weekend, i stuffed myself with 3 mcdonald's value meals because i suddenly decided that i want to collect all those beijing olympics coca-cola glasses that's sold for just P20. and they're by luminarc, no less. 2 more glasses, and my collection's complete. haha. but please, no more mcdonald's. i hate fast food, really. can i just buy the set instead?

yesterday, i decided to go home to QC and ended up staying there longer than i planned because i decided to watch game 1 of the PBA semi-finals. my team the barangay ginebra kings clobbered red bull! it was a boring game because the kings dominated the bulls from beginning to end. hindi man lang ako kinabahan!
Tags: bachelor life, basketball, future plans, literary consumption, random update
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