outtakes at capones island

i snooped around the multiply sites of some people and found these, from the recent shoot/pseudo workshop at capones island, courtesy of gideon ferrer:

that's me, looking out onto the open sea, waiting for the moment which never came
the focus is deceiving because we were actually around 40 to 50 feet above the water

bespren, tentmate and rising landscape photographer jay, and my beautiful beautiful marmot bise 2P
his photos may be seen here
whooah! yan na ba si JAY ngaun, talagang matagal na akong wala sa sirkulasyon...parang tumaba sya ng konti ah.. hehehehehe
sino ka? hahaha.

yeah i did gain weight. damn. that's what you get when love good food. scratch that. that's what you get when you love eating hahaha.

alman, sana man lang more words explaining why i looked that way. i just woke the sound of you guys talking about chocolates hahahaha.
oo nga. sino ba yun? hehe. kelangan ko pa bang ipaliwanag yan? eh porke bagong gising ka, tumaba ka ng konti? hehe. joke.
so you guys still climb and take a break together ha? i'm envious...