music and muesli

jason mraz's "i'm yours" has been playing in my mind like a broken record. not that i mind, but i now have this vision of me performing this song in front of an audience. haha. i have only been to one concert in my life, and that was jason's. i loved him even before his album was released, much like i loved stephen speaks before they appeared in everyone's playlists. all thanks to what then was napster. these days it's limewire. so i've actually downloaded this song years ago before he released it in his last album, which i bought, although i could have easily just filched it from one of those file-sharing sites, but i like to support music i like. so i looked up the "i'm yours" video, and found an interview of jason. i found out that he now has a huge avocado farm in san diego, and that his a raw foodist, and that he swears off cooking and anything that's processed. so much for the caveman's discovery of fire!

but it's interesting, actually. not that i'd want to be one, but i'd like to incorporate it into my own diet. right now, i've been having muesli for breakfast for the past two weeks already. it's a mix of rolled oats, nuts, grated coconut, sesame seeds, and raisins. the first time i had it, bringing the spoon to my mouth was a chore, and chewing was mechanical. it didn't taste like anything! however, lately, i'm beginning to really like it, and i add more raisins to the ready mix i bought from the grocery. i usually soak the muesli in milk or fruit juice at home, bring them to the office, and eat them while i'm reading through my emails. so i'm getting a lot more fiber, which helps digestion. and i have to confess that i have digestion issues.

so although i won't be a full-time raw food advocate, i understand its benefits, not just to my health, but also to the environment. since it doesn't involve the application of heat, i won't expend fuel or electricity. the reduction in the consumption of energy also translates to a much smaller carbon footprint. i'm beginning to be very conscious about my personal carbon emissions (if you could call it that), and i've been reading up on it. i'd like to put together an article on how to significantly reduce one's personal carbon footprint, and it fits nicely into my environmental advocacy.