august august

i just realized that august really is an auspicious month for me, not only because i was born in august, but because a few significant things in my life also celebrate their anniversaries during this month.

my blog is now 4 years and a day old. i started it with some trepidation in august 26, 2004. and this would be my 504th entry, which means i post once every 2.9 days. not bad huh? if only i could find a word counter, i've probably had a four-year verbal diarrhea, because my entries are kilometric. or to paraphrase my friend mynes, i don't always have to write a treatise. anyway,

happy 4th anniversary

my smart mobile number, on the other hand, is now 6 years and 10 days old. i decided to get a postpaid plan after my graduation from law school, a few weeks before the bar exams, and it was approved in august 17, 2002. i've availed of the retention plan at least twice, and i've only had to replace the SIM card twice (once because my phone was lost, and another time to upgrade to 3G). this number has seen at least 5 mobile phones, and on average, consumes around P850 per month. i don't have a second number and i have never ever used chikka (i am officially hating anyone who sends me messages through chikka, because replies cost P2.50 and they don't get charged to my free text allocation). so

happy 6th anniversary

+632 918 930 1154

did i just give out my number like that? haha. like i'll be getting any anonymous text messages. and i wonder what language they speak in barbados. if it's spanish (i'll have to check later), i'd like to say bienvenidos!


why not.

but have to honestly tell you, it hasn't been working.


can't people get the hint? :D