i need botox

i've been suffering from a condition called benign essential belpharospasm, and based on my research, it seems that one way to treat it is to get an injection of the botulinum toxin.

sounds serious? not really. my left upper eyelid has been twitching involuntarily of late, and it's pretty annoying and has made me rather conscious because it happens in the most inopportune of times -- when i'm meeting with people. i've had this before, but it's gone after a few days, and rarely. but this one has lasted for about a week now, so it irritates me no end. i've just googled it and the causes may be any of the following: stress, fatigue, caffeine, lack of sleep, eye strain, neurological disorders, or corneal irritation or injury. i've ruled out a few of them, and i think i'm just under a lot of stress. i haven't been getting enough sleep, and i've been reading a lot lately. so these are the suspects. i'm glad though that the spasms aren't so bad that my eyes blink uncontrollably, but these small facial tremors really bother me. and to think that one of the possible treatments is botox. haha. i just need to relax. maybe get a spa treatment. i have one for free at sanctuario. must avail of that.
doesnt have to be expensive. check out the reflexology centers in your area. dito kasi sa amin after the massage they leave you sa room and let you sleep. they wont bother handing you the 'tip envelope'. hehehehe.

- phillip