high school life, oh my high school life

yesterday was reminisce my high school days, and it wasn't even the annual grand alumni homecoming. my teachers in high school invited me to speak at the career symposium. they conducted a survey among the members of the graduating batch, and the law profession ended up in the top 10. i am probably the youngest lawyer ever to be produced by the high school, and when i left for tricol, i was expecting that i'd be sharing the stage with a bunch of old people. turns out that i was the most senior there.

earlier, i harassed my teachers about providing an LCD projector for my presentation. i know all too well about kids, and am aware that they'd lose focus in a minute or less unless you bribe them with the wonders of multimedia technology. so i took along my iBook to trinity. i encountered some difficulty with the LCD projector at first, but a call to my support equipped me with some knowledge about how to operate it.

for the morning session, there were 5 speakers: one on mass communication, another on accounting, one on IT, one on nursing, and myself on the legal profession. i wrote my own introduction, and the mere mention of "he graduated from the university of the philippines" and "cum laude" drew long wows from the crowd. well i suppose that was something to be expected because two of the other speakers bitched about their not passing the UPCAT. it helped, of course, that my mentor introduced me with so much exaggeration ("one of the best students to be ever produced by trinity high school" -- yeah right! and i didn't even graduate with honors from high school!). i gave my talk by staying close to the students and engaging them in conversation. still, others quickly shifted their attention elsewhere. cellphones can be a bane.

one thing i noticed about high school kids these days, other than the fact they're really easily distracted, is that they really are a tall bunch. even the girls! i wonder what these kids eat. anyway, after my talk (i think it was the longest), the questions started coming in. as expected, there were the usual "would you defend a guilty man" and "how would you feel if you put an innocent man to prison" queries, for which i already have ready answers. there were also questions about lovelife and other off tangent questions.

one of the intermissions even caught us off-guard. an evidently gay young man took the microphone and crooned -- rather terribly -- the song "sasakyan kita", even coaxing the crowd to sing along. he took advantage of his crushes, and made sexually loaded remarks about them. that was something none of us could've done way back during my time. well, they don't have a mr. magculang now.

later, one of my teachers said that her students were asking her if i were really a lawyer. they used the word jeprox in reference to the way i looked. hell, i wouldn't mistake me for a lawyer. when i later met these kids outside, they shouted words like "idol", "sir, galeng nyo" and "attorney pogi". i swear humaba ang buhok ko. a bunch of them even said, "sir, kamukha mo si kevin garnett". "eh di ba negro yun?" i replied. "sir, attorney, gwapo naman." well, on the being dark part, i couldn't quite refute the observation. i'm really extra specially dark these days. not that i've ever been fair. kids!

something quite endearing about the kids though is that they actually remember me. when i arrived at mandel hall, one of them easily noticed me and said, "mr quiboquibo!" and i said, "sino ka?" i remember my own career symposium and at least one speaker made a mark in me, and i hope i've done the same to these kids. the problem with the younger generation now is that they hardly have any big dreams, and their aspirations are usually pegged on a material object.

after the career sympo, i left for ortigas to drop by the HQ of colors magazine. i saw my name in the staff box and saw the pictures i took of the graveyard tour. wow. my pictures look different in print. they actually look good. when i took them and saw how they turned out, i wasn't very happy. i had at least 15 shots spread out over 10 pages. nice. now i can't wait for the text and photos by alman dave quiboquibo byline. what a booster!

i also dropped by the shang to follow up on the tent johnbee wanted (even took a dump at the paid toilet). i then dropped by megamall and bought an orange bush hat at habagat. this'll go well with my other gear.
Tanong lang, bakit kaya sa lahat ng mga pupuwede mong magamit na litrato e iyong sa Batanes ang napili mo? May kakaiba bang dahilan, G. Idol Atorney Pogi Sir Galeng? :-)
hmmm... no particular reason except that i really love that place, and i also really like this picture. when the picture was flashed on the screen, the kids, went wow, so i caught their attention and asked, do you know where this is? it took quite a number of guesses before anyone got it right. :D
Minsan iniisip ko, mabuti na iyong medyo mahal ang pagpunta doon sa lugar namin para hindi magdagsaan mga tao at matulad sa Boracay o Bangkok. Miss ko tuloy ang Naidi. :-)
oo nga. halos magkasing mahal na ang magpunta sa bangkok at batanes. although super tipid talaga biyahe ko. spent less than P10k in one week. pero wag sana maging boracay ang batanes. i would love it less kung nagkaganon.

lam mo, kung miss mo yung naidi hills (ganda mag picnic at manood ng sunset dun), bakit di ka bumalik. sama mo ako. libre na board and lodging ha. hehehe. di ko pa napuntahan ang itbayat eh. tapos request tayo ng discount from asian spirit. promise ko sa kanila na i'll write an article na babanggitin ko airline nila. :D
Sige, call ako. Iyong last visit ko, hindi nga ako nakapag-shoot sa Sabtang at Marlboro Country e. Sana nakita mo na pics ko sa Hanapin mo na lang mga Batanes pics ko. Meron ding mga OK naman. :-)
Ingat pala sa Halcon. Enjoy kayo pero makikinig sa mga nakakatanda ha. :-) Dapat mag-weigh ka before and after Halcon. Tingnan lang natin kung may pagbabago.