rainy days and bike days

since monday this week, the view outside my window on the 30th floor of RCBC has been looking like a scene from "day after tomorrow". the rains and the consequent flooding haven't really affected me as much as they have other people, because i live nearby, but last monday, when the rain was moving horizontally, and the dark sky exploded with streaks of thunder, i found that water had seeped in through the cracks on my aircon's frame. i thought all the things i've left on the floor of my unit were going to float!

the biking community in manila may not get much respect from drivers, but it is alive

ross bike shop at cartemar: bike paradise

anyway, i've been really busy since i got back from cotabato city. last saturday morning, i peeled myself out of bed really early to bike with janice, ai, jeng, james, and mercy at the MOA. mostly roadies were there doing laps. there were at least 2 pelotons doing some drafting, running at a minimum of 30 kilometers per hour. after two and a half rounds, i got immediately bored, to be very honest. so i just took a few pictures. i really went there for the buffet breakfast at gram's, but unfortunately, it was no longer available, so i don't think i'll be going back to MOA anytime soon. i was just looking for trail and rougher terrain. adik ba mag MTB? haha.

upon my discovery recently that my trusty pair of asics have been aching for retirement, i decided to purchase a new pair of running shoes. unfortunately, i think i made a very bad buy in a pair of adidas adistar ride. it's a new model, and there are no reviews yet on runnersworld, so i'll be the first to say that the first few kilometers might be a little tight. i felt some pain in fact on my metatarsals, and i regretted i changed brands. my asics were perfect from the get-go, so i might buy a second pair if the next run doesn't improve. although i ran again the other day, it wasn't as smooth and comfortable as i expected, and i was dragging my feet, as though i was wearing a pair of lead shoes. it might have something to do though with the fact that i have very wide (2E) feet, and i have a really low arch, almost flat-footed. i should just stick to what works. i hope that the adistar ride get better with time though.