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well that got your attention. one of the bitter realities that purists such as myself have to deal with is that sex really sells. when i was still in college at UP, sex was such an effective selling point that posters announcing events that had absolutely nothing to do with sex contained the letters s, e and x in very bold letters just to get attention. more than 10 years later, things have not changed significantly, and anything that's steamy, sleazy, slutty (the dictionary says though that the adjective of slut is sluttish), sexy, or has a lot of skin, gets more attention than most other things.

last week, at strumm's, kuya mar and i were so taken by the acts of a female trio dishing out a few dance standards that it was just too easy to fail to realize that they were probably not the most gifted singers i have ever heard (they may actually be gifted in a different way) -- and in the philippines, to be a standout singer, you'd have to be very very good. now these singers, who were backed up by the most plain-looking male musicians in the world (perhaps to emphasize that they are girls with some beauty), aren't bad at all, but i could very well guess that they had limited vocal range. but you don't notice any of that because you're too busy noticing the amount of skin they've exposed, and their gyrations on the stage.

this was exactly my reaction when i saw that trio at mannie's birthday (a different set this time, but sexy trios must be the trend). i suddenly remembered that i've seen them before: at bagaberde. i wasn't extremely impressed then, and i wasn't extremely impressed the second time around. they're good singers, don't get me wrong, and i have nothing against them, they can carry a tune, no doubt. but if you're filipino, you know that 80% of the population can carry a tune, so i worry about the much better singers who aren't as sexy or aren't as pretty. will they ever have stellar careers? music videos -- and television, primarily -- are killing true talents, or at least, are driving those with real talents to kill themselves with crazy diets.

pusod pyesta at bagaberde

showing some skin at hard rock

upon closer inspection, we confirmed that this girl's skirt is someone's grandmother's tattered carpet. sexy and environmental!

this girl's waistline must be 20 inches or something. she's a very good singer, but does she even have a diaphragm? her booty has a life of its own, i swear
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intersting :P hehe
hey u know the song..

Nothing in this world,
Nothing in this world,
like a filipina girl... hehe

andri ;)
i'm not sure if i know that song, but i sure can tell that you miss the philippines -- and filipinos! :D
yeah i do :)
wow. i've never heard this song. until now. haha. it sounds good, actually.