take 50 (all that glam may be a sham)

once upon a time, i dreamed of joining the advertising industry. then law school came along, and so many other things, and my attention and focus drifted elsewhere, although until now i haven't completely abandoned the possibility of becoming a voice talent, or a creative, or something like that. but whenever i would contemplate a radical change in careers, people i know who work in advertising would discourage me, either because i may be good for something else, or the industry would not necessarily be any better with me. regardless, i have a very high regard for people who do take part in the intricate processes involved in producing 30 seconders, or subtle ads that now proliferate our urbanscapes. i've always thought that their work was really fun, fabulous and glamorous. i mean it must be really cool to always interact with beautiful people, imaginative people, people who shape and influence our choices, people who dictate the way we look, what we do everyday, people involved in mass deception... but then again, my optimism would always be doused with stories of work hours extending to the following day, maybe gallons of coffee, and a cabal of assholes and bitches slaving you around. so maybe i'm happier looking at it from the outside.

just as i did over 2 sundays ago. when i arrived at RCBC plaza for a 5km run on the treadmill shortly before lunch, i saw that a commercial was being shot down at the lobby. i watched them briefly, noticed that the models looked familiar (i'd seen them in some other commercial), took special notice of the fact that in one shot the director instructed one of the models to not put the iPhone into his pocket but just keep it in his hand. then i went into the gym, ran most of my 5km, lifted some weights, surfed the net, updated my blog, etc. and then prepared to go home at around 3pm. they were still not done shooting one scene! haha. it didn't seem fun at all.

anyway, i figured, with the set-up, the commercial must be about a bank, but just the other day, i caught a glimpse of the ad, and realized it was another lucky me commercial. anyway i take my hat off to everyone involved in the industry. if only something could be done about the visual pollution that invades our views when we're at the highways.