you lose some, you gain some more

whatever calories i burned during last sunday's duathlon, i have gained back, two-fold. immediately after the race, our contingent fled to one of the many lechon manok joints outside clark, and between us all, we gobbled more than 8 kilos of meat. and i don't know why but i've been really hungry since last monday, as i've been having extra servings of everything, and accepting morsels and leftovers from lunchmates. last tuesday, xenon and i ate at chariya, this new thai restaurant along reposo, which now occupies the same area where som's used to be. i highly recommend it. chariya (the person) is apparently quite a famous restaurateur -- and she's authentic thai. the food, so far, has been very impressive. a bit pricey considering that it's a hole in the wall with neither sophisticated branding nor ambiance, but i'll keep returning there since it's a short walk from where i have my french classes. anyway, i ordered food good for 2 people, but xenon arrived to announce that he'd already eaten. so i ate everything you see in the collage, including another serving of rice. yesterday, i ate alone at teriyaki boy, and ordered the tofu steak and the seafood teppanyaki. where am i going with my supposed diet? nowhere. it's so odd that now that i involve myself in more and more strenuous activities that i end up eating more and more. so i'm burning more calories from being active, but considerably less by being older and hence having slower metabolism. and there has been a lot less burning i would suppose, compared to the calories i consume. gosh, no wonder i'm not losing weight. there's math involved. goodness.