Alman Dave Quiboquibo (ialman) wrote,
Alman Dave Quiboquibo

going pro?: some blogging updates

frequent visitors of the blog may have noticed some changes on the left column. i am making good on my promise to treat my 10,000th visitor to a buffet dinner at either spiral in sofitel or heat in EDSA shang. i have no way of knowing who that lucky visitor would be, except probably an indication of her/his IP address, and a vague location on a google map. so if you are that visitor, the sage thing to do is to grab a snapshot of your screen which clearly shows you are the 10,000th visitor since june 2008. not the 9,999th, not the 10,001st. you can email me the screen grab at take note that any digitally altered images will be rejected. i have not earned a single centavo from blogging, and it has actually frequently gotten me into some trouble or controversy, but it surprises me i get this many unique -- mostly anonymous -- visitors every day, considering i haven't really pimped it to the whole world. it's time i get to know who's stalking me. hehe. but seriously, i'd really just like to eat at either (or maybe both) of these restaurants, and i need someone to drag along with me. incidentally, it won't do you much good to keep refreshing my page since it'll only be counted as a page load, and you won't be considered a unique visitor. unless of course someone scrambles the IP addresses. i suppose there might be a way to do that, which is alien to me and my limited knowledge of technology.

also, i've provided a link to a new project of mine. i have, on many occasions, ruminated on something that i've always been fascinated with since i was a kid: infrastructure. i've been planning and thinking and wanting to do a blog on ongoing and existing infra projects in the philippines, and my plans have finally taken shape. i actually created the philippine infrastructure blog over 2 weeks ago, but i didn't want to launch it until i already had something substantial to show. i hope i can sustain this new endeavor, and i still have another one planned. i'm doing them outside of this blog because they're pretty focused, and the tone is so much more detached and impersonal, although regular readers might notice some cross-posting in the future.

incidentally, i will be away beginning tomorrow till next sunday for a lot of work and some leisure. please email or SMS me if you need something. don''t call -- roaming charges are ridiculous.
Tags: blog, hit counter, infrastructure
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