blog stampede

no one yet has come to claim the 10,000th visitor prize that i advertised on my blog some time back, and it is likely i will troop to spiral on my own, because i'm so focused on experiencing their famous buffet dinner. interestingly, 2 persons have separately informed me that they are the 9999th and 10,001st. i have confirmation from someone that she was one visit too early, and that she tried to "cheat" by refreshing the page although the hit counter didn't change. there's a simple explanation to that: each page load is counted as an individual page load, but not as a unique visit. so a person with one IP address who soaks on my page and keeps hitting the refresh button, say, every 10 minutes, would only be counted as 1 visitor, even if he or she commits to this exercise the entire day. in order to be counted as a unique visitor, one has to load my page, exit from it, and visit it again after 30 minutes. since i've installed my hit counter i've had nearly 17,000 page loads, compared to only less than 11,000 unique visits. okay, since my contest wasn't as successful as i initially planned, then that gives everyone else interested a perfect strategy for the next prize to my 20,000th visitor. haha. but that won't be happening till after 5 months or so, so there's no use announcing it too soon. so i'm giving my 10,000th visitor until the end of this week to claim his or her prize. otherwise, it'll be solo dinner, unless someone else just wants to accompany me and pay his or her portion. haha. hmmm... i could mull giving something to 9999th since she provided proof, or even miraclecello once he shows me his screen capture. we'll see.
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Saved at the computer at home, I will send it to you tonight. Hmmm, Magdadala ako ng doggie bag ha ha
pops! none of the files you sent me are displaying images. pano yan? no proof. haha.