Alman Dave Quiboquibo (ialman) wrote,
Alman Dave Quiboquibo

the route to perdition

here's a link to the route of the standard chartered singapore marathon. i am very happy to note that not only are drinking stations very generously sprinkled around the course loop, which takes us from the esplanade area, past the merlion park and raffles quay, threading through marina station road, then back to robinson road where we can marvel at the fullerton hotel (which used to be the singapore post office), leading to raffles avenue, republic boulevard, nicoll highway, then mountbatten road which is the turning point, then back, with a small detour to stadium boulevard, and a chance to glance at the singapore flyer, the past the starting mark all the way to the finish line near city hall (whew! if describing it is this hard, how much more the actual run? i don't just need good luck. i will need God's blessing. Lord, give me strength!), but there will also be 1 fruit station on the way back. the free gu energy gel is just for the full marathon (double standard?).

anyway, i already have my nike freebies, and as expected, the nike zoom running shoes (nike plus compatible, no less) don't quite fit me well: too long, yet a bit narrow. so if anyone is a normal size 11 or 11.5 US male, i'm selling my pair for a steal. email me for the details. they're nice to look at, light to the stride, but i can't quite say whether they'll be performing well throughout the half marathon. so i'm sticking to my reliable adidas, which have been sufficiently broken in. the nike singlet though, is yummy. it says: runaholic. haha. i'm pairing it with my nice, skimpy nike black running shorts with the high slit to expose my enormous legs. haha again.

what have i gotten myself into?
Tags: half marathon, road race, singapore
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