off to halcon!

i am off to halcon. my bag weighs more than 20kgs, and there will be between 10 to 12 hours of walking each day for four days. i cannot quite contain my excitement, but neither can i distinguish it from my fear. my left toe is smarting from a small wound which resulted from an overly eager nail clipping session. i hope it doesn't make this trip more of an ordeal than it already is. i will hopefully be back in manila by the 2nd of november. by tomorrow evening, i'll be turning my phone off, so i'll be disconnected from most of the mobile universe. my pastor of a father has asked that we spend a few moments in prayer. i am less religious now than when i was a few years back (or when i took the bar), but i think what he suggests is a good idea.
Welcome back!!! Bilis....kuwento na bilis.... :-) J.
sorry for the delay. i already posted my story. it leaves much to be desired, and i hope i can write a better article about it at a later time. thank you for always dropping by and for bothering to read the blog.