famous enough to be linked

i was a little surprised to realize, although belatedly, that manolo quezon linked me to his blog last april, about my entry on julia campbell's murder in batad (click on the photo below).

this bit of information is trivia, but what the heck: when i was a freshman at UP, manolo was actually my classmate in math 1, one of the only 2 subjects where i got a grade of 3.0, the other being communications II (and i was an english major, haha!). i doubt if he remembers that, but i do since one time, as we were passing our exam papers around, i noticed his name was manuel quezon III. we're not batchmates, mind you. he's i think 4 years my senior. anyway, it's either i'm famous enough to merit a link on his blog, or that i just managed to express some relevant thoughts and managed to surface in his google search on the subject. haha. the latter could probably be the case. anyway, this happened because i just got back from batad actually. a story on that later.