Alman Dave Quiboquibo (ialman) wrote,
Alman Dave Quiboquibo

official long weekends for 2009

as early as november last year, i predicted what may be the long weekends for 2009 based on the text of RA 9492. but it seems the law isn't a rule, but a guidance, so by virtue of proclamation 1699, signed by GMA on christmas eve (thanks for the gift, madame president), here is the official and revised long weekends of 2009:

april 4 - 6, saturday to monday - araw ng kagitingan (3 days)
april 9 - 12, thursday to sunday - maundy thursday and good friday (4 days)
may 1 - 3, friday to sunday - labor day (3 days)
june 12 - 14, friday to sunday - independence day (3 days)
august 21 - 23, friday to sunday - ninoy aquino day (3 days)
august 29 - 31, saturday to monday - national heroes day (3 days)
october 31 - november 2, saturday to monday - all saints day (3 days)*
november 28 - 30, saturday to monday - andres bonifacio day (3 days)
december 24 - 27, thursday to sunday - christmas eve and christmas day (4 days)
december 30 - january 3, 2010, wednesday to sunday - rizal day, last day of the year, new year's day (5 days)
* see Rep. Act No. 9492, sec. 1(c), which states: "If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the holiday will be observed on the Monday that follows".

(come to think of it, i think that the law on holiday economics should be revised to make it more clear and less subject to predictions. for example, a provision stating that should the holiday fall on a friday, it will be observed on that day and will no longer be moved to the nearest monday. or that if the holiday falls on a saturday, it would be observed on the friday before it.)

unfortunately, GMA's proclamation says nothing about EDSA day nor about eid'l fitr. so we'll have to wait for further announcements regarding those days.

so in effect, we have a total of 10 long weekends to enjoy vacation leaves-free holidays. maybe i can make suggestions later on where to go or what to do during these long weekends, tailored for the adventure seeker like me.

but for those who do not have to wrestle for leaves, imagine these possibilities:

1. take 2 days off on april 7 and 8, and you'll have 9 days off!

2. take 2 days off on december 28 and 29, and you'll have 11 days off!

3. take 5 days off from august 24 to 28, and you'll have 10 days off!
even if you apply for all these leaves, you still have 6 days left to scatter throughout the year (assuming you get the industry minimum of 15 days paid vacation leave). so there, another service from me. and i do hope that if any of you guys intend to spread this out to your contacts or repost them on your blogs, please provide credit. that's all i ask.
Tags: holidays, law, travel, vacation, wanderlust
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