Alman Dave Quiboquibo (ialman) wrote,
Alman Dave Quiboquibo

giving in to nostalgia

i think that 2009 will be a year of reunions.

just over the weekend, i received news from very close high school friends with whom i lost touch.

jason diño sent me an email introducing himself, saying that i might no longer know him, and expressed surprise that i am now a lawyer. how he got my contact details or updates about me is not important -- i have a very active net life and can be found loitering on the web, so if anyone wants to find me, a click at google would be sufficient. jason and i were really quite close in high school because we shared a very important experience: one afternoon after school in our sophomore year, we had just walked from trinity in e. rodriguez all the way to judge jimenez in kamuning after failing to get a jeepney ride home. we were going the same direction and figured we might have a better chance of getting public conveyance in kamuning. we rested a while, having walked a distance of maybe 6 or 7 kilometers, and i bent down to tie my shoelaces when i felt the ground shaking. it turned out to be the devastating earthquake of 16 july 1990 that rocked baguio city, leveled several buildings, and killed many filipinos. we had no school for a week after that, and i extended my holiday for another week because i had chicken pox immediately after the earthquake.

i also received an invite from my long-lost friend andrew gayagay over on facebook. andrew was also a classmate in high school, but if i remember correctly, he didn't finish our sophomore year because he moved to australia with his family. and although we haven't really kept in touch since his departure, i don't necessarily think that the years of non-contact has changed that. and we apparently have some common friends: folks who trace their roots to sagada.

from the top of my head, i can name a few people from high school with whom i've lost touch and with whom i would like to renew ties. they would include johan hizon, ramon medina, rodrigo salvador, charmaine crispo, sheril lyn salamat... the others, i see intermittently, or keep in touch occasionally, and i only hope that i see more of them this year. last year, i did have some contact with old friends and classmates, most of them seeking legal advice after finding out from someone else that i had apparently become a lawyer. when i was still new on friendster, i actually opened my yearbook and looked for people, but that was many years ago. i haven't tried to do it with facebook, because after a month, my interest waned, my excitement wilted, and i stopped looking for friends to add to my list, and only approved invites from people i knew. i'm a snob, that way.

still, i hope that i recover lost friendships, find forgotten contacts, and renew ties this year. i so want to wax sentimental.
Tags: friends, nostalgia, social networking, trinity college of quezon city
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