kitang tanan mag pit señor: the 2009 sinulog festival

the sound of trumpets are still bleating in my ears, and i can feel the ground shaking from the rhythmic stomping of dancers, as though the hordes of lively percussionists were pounding the concrete itself, throwing me into a frenzy of frenetic shaking, electrified by whistles and snares and giant drums. the words that accompany the dances are repeated in a pattern, and they number no more than five. viva, pit, señor, santo, and niño are liberally screamed all throughout the parade, and beauties who wear the sweetest of smiles as though they were not capable of any other expression, flutter their fake eyelashes, and levitate to a state of trance, doting on the image of the red-caped, curly-haired and crowned santo niño they hold in their delicate hands. this is the 2009 sinulog festival in cebu.

hey andri. don't you think that the festival queens are beautiful girls too? hehe. i love cebu. so many beautiful people. and always smiling.